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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is there a difference between the mind and the brain?

For our purpose there must be a distinction between the brain and mind in this way; for a person to control a physical device with the brain, the brain waves must be accessed by brain implants or electrodes placed on the skull (EEG).


The brain-wave signals are processed, and changes in brain-wave characteristics are used to control electro-mechanical devices.


When there is an effect on a mind-interface technology device without the use of implants or electrodes, we do not use the term brain, instead we use the term mind.

How does this technology work?

Our mind-interface technology creates a subatomic source. The effect of mental intention is the creation of greater order in the subatomic source.


A characteristic behavior of the subatomic source is measured. The greater order is detected while processing the subatomic source measurement values and is represented as an orderliness metric.


The metric is then used as the device control output.

Does this technology  read brain waves?

No, this technology does not read brain waves and is therefore more versatile, and safer.

What are possible applications for this technology?

Mind-Machine Interface Processor (MMIP) Applications, Current and in Development:

  • Unbreakable access and activation code applications

  • Instantaneous communication over any distance and through any barrier 

  • Unmanned vehicle controls that cannot be jammed or intercepted 

  • Robotic and prosthetic controls 

  • Mental performance enhancement 

  • Toys and video games 

  • A non-AI form of machine intelligence based on the residual mental effect on MMIPs

Is this technology safe?

Yes, the mind-interface technology is safe.


There is no energy sent to the body. There are no sensor connections to the body and no brain/surgical implants.


Our technology is strictly at the effect of mental intention.

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