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Hand-Held Mind-Interface Device

The Most Advanced Mental-Intention Technology on the Market

Unleash the power of your mind, the pinnacle of mental-intention technology, with our revolutionary Mind-Interface device. Experience a groundbreaking connection between your mental intention and the reality you create, like never before, making what seems impossible, possible at your command. Elevate your potential ability to control your physical world with the most advanced technology of its kind, now available on the market.


The hand-held Mind-Interface Feedback Device, model number MIFD-01, is a device that provides the user with a 15-light display used for subjective feedback of the owner's mental intention effects on the device. 

What our device can do for you.

Our Mind-Interface Device heralds a new era of consciousness technologies, promoting the development of your full mental potential. Through the seamless integration of innovative subatomic technology, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and heightened cognitive and mental abilities. Enhance focus, creativity, mental clarity, and improved efficiency while navigating through the challenges of modern life.

Experience an elevated level of mind-interface connectivity with our Mind-Interface Device's computer applications and other device integration capabilities. From controlling smart home devices with a mere intended thought to interacting with virtual environments, the possibilities are limitless. Seamlessly connect with a myriad of applications, from productivity tools to entertainment platforms, and watch as your intentions materialize into action. Embrace a future where mind and technology converge harmoniously, empowering you to shape your reality like never before.

Available Application Add-On

The Mind-Interface Feedback System is an autonomous handheld feedback system with optional interconnection to computer applications. 

Auditory Feedback Application
An application that interacts with your mental intention to create desired patterns, allowing you to audibly hear what your intention has created. In other words, this is a reflection of an individual's mental intention in the form of sound.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 1.03.23 PM.png


This is a tool to assist in the training of your mental influence abilities and provide objective measurements of how well you can control the desired outcome. Measurements include time-on-task, smoothness of performance, and number of auditory patterns accomplished.  


Select Your Favorite Tone.


Mentally Intend the Application to Produce Your Favorite Tone as Long and as Often as Possible


Track Your Performance Feedaback.

This video demonstrates how a person who desires to reach and sustain a personally selected tone can aid in mind-enhancing training by providing objective feedback of mental intention's effect on Interchange Laboratories'
Mind-Interface Feedback System. 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.57.50 AM.png

The light control chart represents the performance measures associated with the greatest number of times each pair of lights (-7 & -6, -1 & 1, and 6 & 7 flashed back and forth in 8 consecutive sequences, assessed for 2 minutes. There were three trials that had three unique requirements. Trial 1 required the participant to hold the lights to the left, trial 2 hold the lights in the center, and trial 3 hold the lights on the right, as long and as often as possible. The greatest measured values were correlated
with the 3 unique task requirements.


I am a life coach and personal trainer. I am excited to share with you an amazing new device by Interchange Laboratories Inc., the handheld mental-intention feedback unit. First off, if you haven’t had any mindfulness training it may seem foreign to you, but after understanding what the device does, you can relax into a playful place with the device becoming your friendly mindfulness tool. This device responds to your desired outcome. The unit’s feedback lights respond to your intended path. If you focus on the device, the device responds to your intention. When you see the
device as a follower instead of an indicator it begins to flow with your future intention. You intend to see what will happen in the future and the unit responds. The more I played with the mind-interface device, the more I could control the outcome.

In the end I found the unit to be calming and exciting. I believe that even the hardest “thinkers” will understand that over time, it is not your brain power that controls the unit, but your mind, which is separate from the body as a whole. I would encourage anyone who is curious about understanding themselves better, to use the mind-interface feedback unit as a tool to help you get there.

Joel Halstead, Life Coach

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 4.03.20 PM.png

Example of modulating up and down pattern for

6 & 7 light pattern

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