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Mind Interface Training

With Brandon Sharkey 

Brandon Sharkey is a successful training consultant (CRE8TIVE WAY CONSULTANTS), with clients across a broad landscape of industries. (Including Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Safety Consulting, Military, Law Enforcement, as well as numerous faith traditions.)  Brandon embraces any opportunity to support and nourish people from all walks of life with his ability to adapt to any training topic.

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  • Attended UCLA and Whittier College (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Started meditating at 12 years old (over 35 years)

  • Was a board member for the SoCal branch of the World Community of Christian Meditation for 10 years 

  • Artistic Director of California Shakespeare Company

  • Trainer Analyst for Adventist Health since 2017

  • National Director of Training for Traffic Safety Consultants Inc. for 15+years

Brandon’s Trainer/Mindfulness Bio

A performer at heart, Brandon is inspired by the connections he makes with his audience.  After working as an actor and comedian for numerous years Brandon was hired to host a couple of “corporate gigs”.  These “gigs” provided insight into the world of corporate training along with evidence that there was a desperate need for improved engagement at these events.  This need for engagement along with Brandon’s experience writing and performing for live audiences paved the way to streamline and advance new and improved corporate presentations and training practices.

On a personal note, early in his life, Brandon found the gift of meditation and the calmness it can lead to.  As his mindfulness practice deepened, he began to encounter a sense of peace and calm that he had never experienced before. He was able to connect with his higher self and find a sense of purpose and meaning in his life. He started to live more mindfully, savoring each moment, and appreciating the blessings provided by the world around him.


From there it seemed natural for Brandon to align his training acumen with his love for mindfulness and meditation.  It may be teaching schoolteachers how to incorporate meditation with their students or leading employee wellness for healthcare workers, Brandon accepts all invitations. From the sacred to the secular, Brandon has witnessed the impact of clear, intentional training while using mindfulness and meditation techniques to transform lives, both personally and professionally.  Through the gifts of stillness, perception and mental focus, Brandon links people to their passions and potential.


Brandon gains buy-in from his participants by using new techniques and technologies, including the use of the MIFD-01, a handheld Mind Interface Device, the most advanced mental intention technology available.  Brandon helps to establish practices that allow people to become more centered and grounded as they are empowered to overcome self-doubt and let go of negative thoughts and emotions that are impacting their effectiveness, efficiency and overall awareness.

Current partners include Interchange Laboratories, Adventist Health, Traffic Safety Consultants Inc., The California Shakespeare Company, and The World Community of Christian Meditation.


As a corporate trainer and meditation teacher, the work Brandon Sharkey has done with Interchange Laboratories and their MIFD (Mind Interface Feedback Device) has brought conscious intention to the forefront of his training.  MIFD has proven to be an unmatched technology that provides an avenue for individuals to observe real-time evidence and information about their mental processes and mind-body connection without being tethered to traditional wired sensors. The handheld MIFD offers several important advantages like mobility, convenience, and monitoring of mental performance. The potential for wireless application control leads to immediate feedback that can aid users in making instant adjustments to their performance, creating improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Including the MIFD in my mindfulness and meditation trainings has shown to be an asset that enhances mindfulness practices by offering insights into one’s ability to manage and respond to stress, relaxation, anxiety, and tension. The MIFD allows students of all ages to experience the power of intention and observation while making order out of disorder. Using the MIFD heightens and reinforces the core principles of mindfulness and meditation, such as present-moment awareness, non-judgment, and personal acceptance.

- Brandon Sharkey


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