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Financial Graphs

Investment Opportunities

$6 Billion

Original estimate of Market in people-sized-and-shaped robots was projected as achievable in the next 10 to 15 years.

$38 Billion

By 2035 Updated Market Potential with utilization of AI

$154 Billion

By 2035 Market potential in Blue Sky Scenario

Investing in the Future

Interchange Laboratories has developed a mind-interface application called ACCESS (Advanced
Covert Communication through Entrainment of Subatomic Signals). It was developed to
provide the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community with tactical advantages
in secure communications and access control. ACCESS can also be used by private enterprises
to achieve competitive advantages in various markets.

An ACCESS testbed system is now operational and preparations are underway to demonstrate
the technology to the DoD in 2024 at a local facility in Southern California.

ACCESS can be used to control access to facilities and databases, and to activate weapon
systems. It is beyond the reach of cyber espionage because it does not respond to commands
from computers. It responds only to the commands of a trained operator who must also be
provided with secret codes to enter in proper sequence using only the operator’s mind.

Think of ACCESS as a mentally controlled combination lock. Unlike typical brain-interface
technologies that require electrodes on the skull or brain implants, ACCESS uses no brain or
nerve signals. It is extremely rugged and impervious to electrical interference and temperature
variations. ACCESS operates at the subatomic level so an operator just needs to focus on a
desired outcome to get the ACCESS system to respond accordingly.

For communications, ACCESS can be operated at any distance from its operator and the effects
are instantaneous over any distance and through any barrier. Communications cannot be
jammed, intercepted, or triangulated on. This makes the technology useful in carrying out
missions undetected.

The DoD and Intelligence Community is the market we are focused on but ACCESS can be
expanded into private enterprise. The fundamental way ACCESS operates can be redirected
toward applications with commercial value. Applications like controlling prosthetic hands
without brain or nerve signals and controlling unmanned vehicles and other types of robots
without radio transmission could give existing companies competitive advantages and give rise
to new industries.

For more information or to arrange for a live demonstration of ACCESS and our other
applications, please contact Ted Klouzal, CEO at Phone:
(818) 614-4803

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