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A New Technology“The Next Big Thing”

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Innovation is the hallmark of our society. We strive to create a better world, a world of

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efficiency, remarkable achievements, and the potential for saner humanity. Our dreams are stalling, and our hopes are diminishing. We need to jumpstart a new, “Next Big Thing”. We need a shift to a more positive view of our world and how we can harness the abilities we are all capable of achieving, to envision and create a better reality.

Seeking Higher Levels of Consciousness:

Our human history has long been focused on achieving higher levels of consciousness. To this end, societies have embraced practices toward this goal such as Zen, meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Mastering these higher levels of consciousness requires years and even decades to achieve. Why so long? The reason why the journey is so difficult and time-intensive is that there has been no reference to the source of consciousness and a linking of this source to our three-dimensional world. In other words, we lack effective tools.

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When one desires to seek higher levels of consciousness, knowing that abilities may be profoundly enhanced, there is an awareness that this journey may be a long one. Consider how long it takes to learn to walk, form sentences, become proficient at a sport, or learn to play a decent game of chess. Presently, achieving higher levels of consciousness with conventional methods can be long and arduous. Having a reference to the source of consciousness and the tangible link to the mind and physical world could dramatically increase the speed of acquiring these higher levels.

Higher levels of consciousness magnify one’s ability to see the physical world more clearly and interact more effectively. Once higher levels of consciousness are achieved, higher levels of mental control of energy in space, through time, can also be achieved.

The source of consciousness is the perspective viewpoint from which all points of a three-dimensional universe are manifested. Simply, if one has this outward perspective of self, then the three-dimensional universe is one’s own reality and this reality can be changed and controlled by one’s viewpoint.

The Interchanger

Interchange Laboratories has created this reference, called an Interchanger. The Interchanger is a reference to the source of consciousness. Four Interchangers are then arranged in the most basic of geometries, a tetrahedron, that provides the fundamental three-dimensional perspective. Thus, the link between the source of consciousness and the three-dimensional universe is achieved.

Effective use of Interchangers may result in the timelier achievement of higher levels of consciousness, potentially manifesting as heightened perceptual awareness, calmness, focus, and enhanced creativity. For this reason, Interchange Laboratories is integrating Interchangers into their present mind-interface technology operative training protocol. Mind-interface technology is the control of a device with the mind, without physical contact, brain implants, electrodes, or wires.

The Future

In the future, children might well play with their toys integrated with mind-interface controls. A mechanical animal will respond to the child’s mental intention, intending for their “friend” to come, play, and converse with them, all with sub-conscious thoughts. This mental

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intention interaction will be as natural as our use of cell phones today.

Consider that in the future, the age of the mind may become normal, and mental intention, thought, and creation will be valued far more than physical performance. Sports events with stadiums filled with spectators will be replaced by games of mental intention where the victor is the one with the greatest mental ability.

A person who interacts with Interchangers may well enhance their ability to interact and control mind-interface applications. A person who interacts with Interchangers may develop levels of consciousness that promote far greater potential to think and create outside the confines of this highly constrained physical world. Humanity will benefit from a majority of people having a higher level of creative ability. People who unlock extraordinary abilities to envision the future and alter physical reality will discover new personal freedoms and a much brighter future.

Jules Verne and Leonardo DaVinci envisioned the future but they did not manifest it. We want people to understand that their consciousness can go beyond just being science fiction writers, great artists, and futurists. People can gain the ability to alter reality according to their own vision.


Here at Interchange Laboratories Inc., we are striving to bring consciousness technology to market as quickly as possible. We are pushing our technology forward and are seeking licensees and investors to be a part of the “Next Big Thing”. We look forward to helping individuals achieve greater levels of consciousness, bringing new hope and enthusiasm to the future they envision.

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