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Consciousness, the New Frontier

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Consciousness does not originate within the organic confines of the brain. The idea of the brain being the source of consciousness is a human construct that has emerged as a result of the misinterpretation of scientific observations. Just like everything else in the universe, the brain is a reflection of consciousness, not its source.

Some physicists have developed theories of consciousness to promote a better understanding of this concept:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

-Max Planck, A Nobel Prize-winning German physicist and the father of quantum theory.

“The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.”

Erwin Schrӧdinger, A Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist

No Need to Debate Consciousness

Over many decades, countless books and articles have been written and continue to be written about consciousness. Organizations devoted to the study of consciousness have been formed and conferences regularly showcase speakers who express their theories about

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the nature of consciousness and what it is. However, until theories about consciousness are applied to practical applications, theories of consciousness will not be validated and will remain theoretical.

Rather than attempting to define consciousness or debate its existence, at Interchange Laboratories Inc., we believe that consciousness should be linked to a functional and practical influence on mind-interface technology applications. This is a practical application approach that inherently brings more clarification to the concept of consciousness.

Essentially, if people have certainty that they are controlling mind-interface applications with mental intention, then they have the reality that consciousness can affect their physical world.

Our Experience with Consciousness

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For over twenty years, Interchange Laboratories, Inc. has been testing and validating its theories of consciousness by applying these theories through its patented and patent-pending mind-interface technologies. Interchange Laboratories is presently developing training protocols to use consciousness in the control of an unhackable access and activation code application. Training is done over Zoom by interacting with the mind-interface technology from any location. The Zoom screen is used for visual feedback only. The person being trained will control the mind-interface application non-locally.

This validates and assures the individual that one can, as a unique person, control their world directly with their mind.

An example of a person realizing that they can control their world directly with their mind occurred in a focus group session where participants mentally controlled a mechanical hand using a mind-interface system. This means there were no brain signals, or any other physiological signals used in the session. One of the participants was picking up and stacking blocks with a mechanical hand. When she stopped, tears began to roll down her cheeks. When asked what was happening, she shared with the group that this was the first time in her life she had true control over something.

Why is knowing about consciousness important?

The benefit of a person discovering the awareness of their consciousness goes to the characteristics achieved with higher levels of consciousness. Many have known someone who just seems to have it together, who is happy in life, with a high level of success. These people possess a higher level of consciousness. Characteristics of higher levels of consciousness can include more balanced energy, more positive emotions, a greater level of

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responsibility that promotes greater productivity and benefits to self and others, and a love of self and others with gratitude for life and love.

Aspiring to these characteristics of higher consciousness has been the mission of many who have sought out Zen, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and many other training methods. Yet, these methods are time intensive, with faith guiding the journey to discover that higher levels of consciousness are achievable.

It seems apparent that there is a need to develop technologies that create a reference similar in characteristics to consciousness. This technology would promote, by association, an awareness of consciousness. Once aware of their own consciousness, the next logical step is to have certainty that their consciousness can control a mind-interface device application.

How is human consciousness related to the control of an application?

An example of the relationship between consciousness and control of an application is the control of a prosthetic hand using mind-interface technology. An amputee will extensively focus on the prosthetic hand and intend specific functional movement outcomes. Over time,

Prosthetic hand

the person imprints consciousness into the mind-interface technology, changing reality by embracing the event patterning of the prosthetic’s motion.

The benefit of achieving awareness of consciousness is that you can begin a potentially amazing journey toward greater abilities and the achievement of very positive goals. This awareness jump-starts and accelerates the journey of personal improvement. When a person believes they can improve and achieve higher levels of consciousness, then it becomes possible.

The need for new technology

It seems then, equally apparent, that there is a need to continue to develop technologies that provide feedback on the influence of consciousness and a method to monitor how rising levels of consciousness improve control over mind-interface applications. This is exactly what Interchange Laboratories is working to do. These technologies are responsive

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to consciousness and mental intention and manifest this response as control of applications. Applications, for example, include communication systems outside of space and time, control of mechanical devices such as hand prosthetics, control of virtual games, and the creation of virtual art and music.

A journey starts with the first step but if one does not know how to take the first step, the journey never begins. Thus, when a person is aware of their own consciousness and has the validation of this by actually controlling a mind-interface technology, the journey to achieving higher levels of consciousness can begin in a dynamic, timely, and human-enhancing way.

We are currently seeking individuals who are interested in becoming involved in using our mind-interface technology. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us today.

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