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Secure Communication and Unhackable Access Code Application

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

On May 24, 1844, Samuel B. Morse dispatched the first telegraphic message over an experimental line from Washington, D.

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C. to Baltimore. In the years that followed, communication systems progressed to the point where we now have radio signals bouncing off satellites around the planet and reaching across vast distances of space. Computers communicate over the Internet at speeds unimaginable even 50 years ago.

The Problem

A fundamental issue with radio communications is the vulnerability to interception and electronic jamming and disruption from natural causes such as the sun’s solar flares. Radio waves can be blocked by physical barriers such as ocean depths and electronic jamming devices. Even satellite communication requires an unobstructed line-of-sight pathway between an Earth-orbiting satellite and a ground-based antenna.

As we move further into the 21st century, our dependence on fast, reliable, and secure communication increases. Problems with fast and secure radio communication are starting to surface. Cyber-attacks continually threaten economies around the world. Satellites are vulnerable to being disabled by solar-mass ejections and deliberate attacks. As for commercializing of space, radio waves are severely limited in that communication between Earth and Mars can take up to 20 minutes. To communicate to the far side of a planet, satellites must orbit the planet to relay signals because radio waves cannot pass through a planet. We need something better to compensate for the limitations of radio waves and to more effectively address communications security.

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Our Solution

Interchange Laboratories has developed a mind-interface technology that may solve these fundamental problems with radio communication and security. Interchange Laboratories has integrated a mind-interface system with access and activation code application software. The mind-interface system takes advantage of the human ability to learn symbolic patterns that become integrated into a subconscious mental awareness. An example of this human ability is the learning to type on a keyboard where, after much practice, what is mentally intended in words is typed with no thought, from mind to fingers. Morse code is similar in that dots and dashes represent letters and with much practice can be transmitted at the speed of normal speech.

Interchange laboratories’ technology goes much further in that the mind’s intention to communicate a similar code as Morse code, goes directly to the mind-interface system without physical interaction, brain implants, attached electrodes, or wires.

How it works

Interchange Laboratories has developed an access and activation code application. Talented individuals are trained in the direct mental operation of this application. The application is unhackable because only operatives who have received special training are able to mentally operate the application and they have to know the exact code that they need to mentally produce, and interact with sustained mental intention, within a limited time frame and with a limited number of attempts before being locked out.

Another advantage of the code activation application is that the access code mind-interface system can be operated instantaneously across any distance and through any barrier. For example, if a mind-interface system is guarding the activation and operational access to a weapons platform beneath the Pacific Ocean, five-thousand miles away from the operative, the mind-interface system can still successfully be influenced to produce the correct code by the operative. The same goes for a mind-interface system located millions of miles from Earth. The operative’s mental intention is not affected by distance or barriers and its effects are instantaneous.

The activation and access code application and training protocol also provide a foundation for operatives to run other applications. The coding application can be used by a trained operative to produce Morse Code or binary codes for instantaneous communication to a mind-interface system and a trained operative on a submarine traveling deep under the surface or to trained operatives and mind-interface systems on spacecraft or planetary bases millions of miles away.

Future Functionality

Sending messages between Earth and Mars, by radio transmission, takes so long that viable commercialization of space will require a resolution to this communication bottleneck. In the

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future, radio communication across vast distances of space will likely be seen as the Pony Express of the interplanetary age, made obsolete by the modern version of the intercontinental telegraph, Interchange Laboratories’ mind-interface technology.

Interchange Laboratories’ has technology that is both patented and patent pending. We are ready to explore licensing opportunities and investment opportunities to explore all of the possible applications for mind-interface technologies including the featured application of this blog being secure and unhackable communications. If you’re ready to learn more, please explore our website, and contact us today.

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