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Telekinesis the "Holy Grail" of Technology

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Organizations that want to gain a competitive, tactical advantage over other businesses and Military and Intelligence operations must stay ahead in every way, especially when it comes to the technology they use.

Remote Influence, essentially Human Telekinetic Capability, has been pursued within research labs for decades without practical results. This “Holy Grail” of human potential has been elusive and out of reach, until now.

What this means is that a person can experience telekinesis-like “powers” using technology for the first time in human history.

command center

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. (ILI) has developed the necessary advanced technology, hardware, and applications that make practical Remote Influence of electronic devices possible. Our patented and patent-pending technology does not use brain or other physiological signals. Our technology uses pure mental intention, operating at the subatomic level using plasma, the fourth state of matter.

For additional information on the potential impact of our technologies on national security, read our blog, Super Soldiers and National Security.

These systems and applications are now available to individuals and organizations that find it beneficial to form business relationships with ILI. This includes both investing and licensing opportunities with ILI.

Testing Available

Our mind-interface systems are available for testing and training in a laboratory environment. For field operations, mind-interface systems can be reduced in size to that of typical cell phones. The systems can then be deployed anywhere in the world, at any distance from trained operatives, allowing for instantaneous and undetectable secure communications and activation of weapons and weapons platforms.

If you’re interested in a live demonstration and/or personal interaction with the mind-interface system depicted in the video, click below to let us know you're interested.

Two Stages of Mind Interface Engagement

The Remote Influence application involves two stages. The first stage is arming the application through a series of secure mental-influence directives. Like all applications, arming is done by a trained operator, from any distance, through any barrier. Remote influence cannot be electronically jammed or intercepted.

Once the application is armed, it switches to the second stage where additional mental influence directives are used to create ACCESS codes for instantaneous secure communication and device control.

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. consistently achieves significant breakthroughs in advancing its technologies. Individuals and organizations that form business relationships with ILI can also arrange to have exclusive rights to use ILI’s current and most advanced technologies and applications such as:

  • ACCESS for secure communications

  • Prosthetic hand controls

  • Accelerated training methodologies involving Interchangers

  • Imprinted human consciousness as memory, outside the brain, for self-aware machines

  • Hands-free, physiological-signal-free, computer and virtual reality control

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. is positioned to provide the technological means to expand human influence beyond anything achievable by brain-interface technologies and A.I.

For questions about investment, research, and licensing opportunities with Interchange Laboratories, contact us today.

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