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Has successfully completed non-local influence experiments proving that mind-machine influence is real, and holds potential for near-term commercial application as a secure, life enhancing and game changing technology for use in prosthetics, secure communications, toys, videos games and countless other future applications.

Dr. Christopher Green (senior CIA analyst, ret.) stated that Interchange Laboratories is number one in the field of mind machine interfaces, confirming that no one comes close to being as advanced in approach.

A technological zeitgeist as game changing as the invention of the computer...

No more electrodes!

The MMIP is a mind-machine interface technology that has the advantage of being non-contact and non-invasive (no electrodes, helmets or signal implants). Instead of detecting brain or nerve signals, the MMIP processes multiple signal sources originating at the quantum level where the distinction between mind and matter disappears and the influence of mental intention upon the MMIP becomes instantaneous over any distance.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Quantum Entanglement

Albert Einstein called quantum entanglement “Spooky Action at a Distance”. The theoretical phenomenon involves two electrons that encounter each other briefly and are then separated by vast distances of interstellar space. If one electron’s spin direction is changed, the other electron instantly matches the change in spin direction. A phenomenon known as Quantum Translocation.

Quantum Translocation and the MMIP

The MMIP technology uses quantum entanglement to merge mind and machine by electronically detecting free electron interactions within semiconductors. This opens the door to the subatomic world where time and space collapse and the laws of physics as we know them no longer apply. Think of the quantum signal components within the circuitry of the MMIP as tiny clocks.

For more information Download the MMIP Overview

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