This is a video of one of our operators mentally influencing the MMIP from a remote location.

In response to his mental intent on the ball, the MMIP sends streaming X and Y axis joystick data over the internet to his laptop computer where it is used to apply a directed force to
the ball.

Through influence at the quantum level, the game can be mentally controlled at any location in the world as long as an internet connection is available for receiving the joystick control data from the MMIP at our California facility.

The Mind-Machine Interface
Processor (MMIP)

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. has developed a mind-machine interface technology that has the advantage of being non-contact and non-invasive (no electrodes, helmets or signal implants).

Instead of detecting brain or nerve signals, the MMIP processes multiple signal sources originating at the quantum level where the distinction between mind and matter disappears and the influence of mental intention upon the MMIP becomes instantaneous over any distance.

The technology for the mind-machine influence experiment is presented and can be viewed in the system patent pending application US20080183314 Quantum Interaction Control System.

The MMIP, though still in its early stages of development, is now at the stage where it is powerful enough to drive a video game application (shown in the video) over the internet.

Instantaneous mental influence of the MMIP, operating in our California facility, is effective from any location in the world. Time and distance are no barriers and unlike radio waves, human mental influence of the MMIP cannot be intercepted or jammed.

Results presented in the Latest Research Report (July 2009) show that the MMIP technology has advanced to a level far beyond anything developed to date.

If you are a researcher and are interested in conducting your own independent study of the MMIP phenomenon, we will send you our video game and data acquisition software.  The video game application automatically connects to our MMIP’s internet server from any location in the world.

There is a distinct learning curve for most operators. Therefore, to facilitate the learning process, we will share what we have learned about specific techniques for non-locally controlling the MMIP and effectively steering the ball into the hole.

If you are involved in the medical field, defense or intelligence community or if you are developing a product or technology that can be made more effective and marketable by becoming instantaneously responsive to human mental intent over any distance, contact Interchange Laboratories, Inc.

(and what it means for the global economic order)


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