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Super Soldiers and National Security

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Interchange Laboratories Inc. (ILI) has created advanced patented and patent-pending mind-interface technologies and has recently developed a new application referred to as ACCESS (Advanced Covert Communication through Entrainment of Subatomic Signals). This advanced technology holds the potential to become a significant force multiplier as it provides the means for soldiers to achieve super-human mental abilities to remotely control electronic devices, forever changing the nature of military operations.

ACCESS is a secure, untraceable communications application/system that cannot be hacked, electronically jammed, blocked by physical barriers, triangulated on, or intercepted. ACCESS operates at the subatomic level, beyond the limitations of electromagnetic wave propagation. Therefore, communication is instantaneous, through the deepest oceans and into the farthest reaches of space.

Check out our short video explaining ACCESS:

Pivoting Toward ACCESS

ILI is developing a protocol for training qualified individuals to mentally control ACCESS systems to produce binary codes for instantaneous covert communication to any location in the world.

Qualifying Potential Operatives

ACCESS can be used to identify those individuals who demonstrate high mental potential for ACCESS training. Performance metrics are used to evaluate mental focus and mental intention, resulting in active mental influence.

Qualified candidates will then train to quickly, accurately, and with high levels of complexity, communicate binary access and control codes, instantly, over any distance and any barrier to an ACCESS system.

The complexity and data rate of the binary code generation are limited only by the effectiveness of mental training. We have developed a training and operation methodology, referred to as Top-Level Directive (TLD). TLD holds the potential to evolve ACCESS beyond

three soldiers

sending and receiving unhackable and untraceable access and activation codes to a level of sophistication that matches or exceeds the communication rate of human speech. As we continue to achieve breakthroughs in our technologies and training protocols, we expect to significantly increase the rate of code generation.

Those candidates who reach the highest level of proficiency in remote ACCESS operation can continue to train in developing extraordinary abilities to perceive beyond the capabilities of the five senses. This special group of individuals will be able to visualize and influence any designated ACCESS target, no matter the distance or location.


ILI is presently working to perfect an arming system that is inactive in an ambient condition and becomes active when a trained operative focuses on a required task. Once an operative intends toward certain operational components of ACCESS, the system activates and becomes responsive to further intention toward TLDs. When the operative stops intending, the ACCESS system returns to its “sleep state” and awaits further focused intention from an operative. This arming of an ACCESS system is to be used as another level of security by activating ACCESS prior to TLD communication.

The Future of ACCESS

futuristic soldier

Supercharging the Super Soldiers

Soldiers who are trained to use ACCESS will have super-human mental abilities, giving them tactical advantages far beyond soldiers who lack the training and ACCESS equipment. These soldiers will be able to activate weapons and weapons platforms, gain access to ACCESS-secured facilities and carry out two-way communication between ACCESS systems instantaneously, across any distance, through any barrier, undetected. Their mental abilities will put them in an entirely new class of Super Soldiers, making them the ultimate force multipliers, superior to Super Soldiers from other nations.

If soldiers use ACCESS systems, as tactical assets, to execute missions, from any distance without being detected or put in danger, the U.S. Military will have achieved an important strategic advantage.

Ready for Licensing

For more information about how to get started using ACCESS for your security needs, please click here to contact us now. We are ready to discuss both private sector and military licensing, allowing your security procedure to rank above your competition.

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