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The Mind-Interface Era

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Welcome to the Frontier of Tomorrow

space travel

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. is making rapid progress in two of its technologies. One is the mind-interface technology. The other is the Interchanger technology. Combining both related technologies is beginning to give rise to a powerful hybrid technology with the potential to enhance and heighten human awareness and event-pattern-alteration abilities to unprecedented levels.

The purpose of this blog is to open a window into a possible, and some would say a likely, future for humanity as these technologies combine and unfold. Walk with us as we explore some possibilities we might see in the future during the Mind-Interface Era

Super-Human Society

action figure

Most parents want the best for their children. The best schools, the best medical care, and a bright future are at the top of their lists of goals and desires for their children.

Imagine parents dropping their kids off at daycare centers or preschools on their way to work, knowing that, under the careful guidance of trained professionals, their children will be developing super-human abilities as they play with toys that are integrated with mind-interface processors from Interchange Laboratories.

Children, especially preschoolers, have not yet been taught by society to believe that they are powerless to affect their world directly through mental intention. What if these children experience, for themselves, that they can easily interact with and direct their toys through their thoughts and intentions while participating in something as enjoyable as play?

Children typically do not differentiate between what they see on television and what they see in the world outside of TV programs. Likewise, children may not understand the difference between their mind-interface toys and the world beyond their toys.

Interchangers Transforming Society

The most advanced schools will integrate Interchangers into training programs to enable children to extend their mental influence beyond their special toys to affect the world

child playing

outside the classroom.

Developing super-human mental abilities will be seen as not so different from sending children to martial arts classes to learn self-discipline and respect along with self-defense skills. The big difference will be in the magnitude of abilities developed through technologies from Interchange Laboratories. The ability to affect the macro world, especially electrical devices, through mental intention, while extraordinary by today’s standards, will become typical of many human beings in the world of the future.

For more Information about Interchangers, see our Blog, “Interchange Experiments”.

What about people who use Interchangers during training, develop extraordinary mental abilities, and become rogue operators? Should we be concerned about children, despite achieving higher levels of consciousness and receiving careful training in ethics and respect, becoming bad actors, and misusing their abilities? After all, higher levels of consciousness do not necessarily equate to a culture’s definition of “good behavior”. As long as human beings have existed, their abilities to use tools have been spread across a wide spectrum of purposes. To what extent should we, as a society, place restrictions on the development of human abilities for the sake of safety and security? Do we screen for emotional stability and potential for evil-doing prior to training? Who determines what these psychological markers are and what are the thresholds for allowing or disallowing training to proceed? Could flawed assumptions about the virtues of higher levels of consciousness exclude otherwise worthy candidates while letting a small number of future Darth Vaders slip into the training arena?

Sheriffs and Outlaws

police car

Just as there were no traffic laws when people began driving automobiles or FAA regulations when people began flying airplanes, there are no government regulations for the use of mental abilities to alter event patterns outside of space/time much less trained people to enforce the laws. This will likely change as mind-interface applications, operatives, and Interchangers become more ubiquitous. We will be living in a true frontier and the need for effective enforcement of our society’s laws will become obvious.

One of the most important things that we, at Interchange Laboratories, have learned is that mental intention abilities can be countered by other trained people. It really comes down to who is the most talented, focused, and aware. This means that trained people, no matter how skilled and focused, are subject to having the effects of their mental intention countered by people who are more experienced and possess greater talent. As experienced operatives interact, they can feel the presence and intent of one another. Their awareness increases with their ability to intend outside of space/time because the two are components of higher levels of consciousness.

Unlike cybercrimes that still have a physical component in the form of signal propagation over the Internet, much of the enforcement of mental-intention laws will be conducted non-locally, outside of space/time. This future world will give rise to an entirely new branch of advanced law enforcement to counter a new class of outlaws.

Beyond the Reach of the Law

The old adage, “No one is above the law.” will likely have to be modified to read, “No one is above the law except someone who uses advanced technology to operate beyond the reach of the law”. This new paradigm of individual freedom through advanced technologies will be felt by all entities ranging from individuals to corporations to nation-states. Therefore, it is up to us, as a society, to lay the groundwork for maintaining order amidst this newfound individual freedom appearing on the horizon.

judge gavel

Androids “R” Us

Interchange Laboratories uses plasma, the fourth state of matter, in some of its mind-interface systems. Plasma has measurable residual effects that reflect the imprinted consciousness of operatives. In other words, after an operative stops actively intending toward an application that receives its control data from a plasma-source mind-interface

Android  standing

system, the order manifested by the operative remains within the plasma for a period of time. We are moving toward making this residual effect permanent as a memory phenomenon. Our goal is to make the mind-interface technology, along with its memory component, available to industry to imprint consciousness into androids, essentially making them self-aware.

The androids built by corporations of this future world will be indistinguishable from human beings. They will feel, to the touch, and appear human in every way except that they will be completely non-biological, they will not be subject to software control, they will possess super-sensory perception and they will live on indefinitely.

Biological humans will have the option of imprinting their consciousness into androids with plasma-source mind-interface systems. The androids will have no nervous systems as we know them. Their super-sensory perception will not be limited by biological sensory organs and nerves. They will operate as beings that perceive and experience the world unrestrained by the limitations of biological life and death.

The imprinted consciousness of these non-biological beings will experience life outside of space/time by virtue of the fact that plasma is used as the gateway from the subatomic realm to this macro world.

Death Becomes Optional

Death will become optional to the extent that a person’s biological body dies but the


person’s consciousness can live on in a synthetic body that, in many respects, is superior to a biological body. Rather than spending money on funerals, people will be taught how to imprint their consciousness into synthetic bodies of their choosing. They may choose exact likenesses of themselves at a certain age, or they may choose a synthetic body that is completely different in appearance.

The imprinting or infusion process may also be adopted by people who are completely healthy but who choose to live life as non-biological life forms with super-sensory abilities. This will lead to a society in which two humanoid life forms live side-by-side.

Here Come the Attorneys!

As with any new technology, during the early stages of this societal shift toward non-biological intelligent life forms, only the wealthy will be able to afford the consciousness imprinting/infusion process into the plasma-source mind-interface systems that run the android bodies.

Once a person’s consciousness is fully infused into the synthetic body of their choosing, attorneys will petition the courts to declare their client to be a person with all the rights and responsibilities of a biological person. The person’s estate will transfer from the former biological person to the synthetic person. This will be the beginning of an ultra-wealthy and powerful sector of society made up of people who are, by all measures, immortal.

Robots in Space

Futuristic robot

The synthetic humanoid bodies will be designed to be impervious to many environmental hazards that can injure or kill biological humans. If synthetic bodies are damaged or wear out, repairs will be made through the replacement of parts rather than healing as occurs with biological life forms.

These synthetic life forms will be able to withstand the harsh environments encountered during space travel. From the total vacuum of space to toxic atmospheres to extreme temperatures, conscious and self-aware synthetic life forms will be considered the safest, most effective, and economical means for space exploration.

Communication among Synthetic Life Forms

Interchange Laboratories has demonstrated non-local communication between operatives and mind-interface systems. Communication is instantaneous and it occurs at the subatomic level rather than having to propagate through the electromagnetic spectrum. This also makes it unstoppable by conventional means like electronic jamming or physical barriers.

Synthetic life forms that have consciousness infused into plasma-source mind-interface systems within them will be able to communicate with other plasma-source mind-interface systems into which consciousness has been infused.

Communication among these synthetic life forms will be instantaneous over any distance. In addition to being impervious to electronic jamming and being unstoppable by physical barriers, communication will be beyond conventional means of interception.

Lost Civilizations

The 1960s rock group, The Moody Blues, wrote and performed a song titled “The Best Way to Travel”. One of the lyrics included the phrase, “Thinking is the Best Way to Travel”. At the time, people may have considered this concept to be more mystical than something that could be applied and directly experienced through science and engineering.

Infusion of consciousness into plasma is not a one-way trip. Consciousness is fundamental to all creation, and it can come and go through its own creation, outside of space and time, at will.

space travel

Within this infinite universe, the likelihood of civilizations that have been lost to history is very high. If civilizations have existed within the universe and those civilizations had also developed mind-interface systems, they may have also followed a path similar to what has been described in this writing. If self-aware synthetic life forms have been developed by civilizations over billions of years, it is not unreasonable, given the nature of consciousness infusion at the subatomic level, for consciousness to interact with, and experience, life through synthetic life forms outside of space and time. In other words, once a person is able to get free of restrictive biological embodiments and enter the rarified domain of plasma at the subatomic level, all bets are off. They can move back and forth through time to experience other worlds through similar synthetic life forms built by civilizations in what we, in our limited understanding of space and time, consider to be the past and the future. This particular universe then becomes the ultimate amusement park.

Thank you for walking down this rabbit hole with us as we explored some ways we can see our technology transform society. If you would like to invest, license, or train with us, contact us today to bring this tomorrow a little closer.

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