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Interchange Experiments

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

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Like capacitors, Interchangers are designed to store energy. However, that is where the similarity ends. A capacitor stores electrical charge and over time, the charge leaks out. An Interchanger stores electromagnetic flux and once energized, the flux never leaks out. Unlike everything else in our world that eventually runs down and stops if not periodically re-energized, Interchangers do not lose energy, making them singular anomalies. They exist within our world, but they do not abide by its rules of attenuation. In other words, they do not belong here and yet they are here.

A Brief History of Interchangers

The first Interchanger was built in 1977. It stood 18 inches tall and weighed over 50 pounds. Over the next two decades, Interchangers evolved to the point of being roughly the size of a pinhead. At this point, it became practical to produce portable Interchangers for personal use outside the laboratory environment.

The smaller and more efficient Interchangers were mounted to small piezoelectric oscillators. Four Interchanger/oscillator assemblies were mounted in a tetrahedral configuration, the simplest of all 3D structures. The four piezo oscillators were made to vibrate at a high frequency, producing a standing acoustic wave pattern like the layers of an onion, each of the multiple layers being less than one-quarter inch thick. Each Interchanger, riding on its own oscillator, moved back and forth in space and became integrated with the standing-wave layers radiating out in all directions to form a spherical pattern of standing sound waves.

This array could be worn on a person’s head or placed in a very large room-sized tetrahedral array that affected multiple people within the sphere of influence determined by the four Interchangers that formed the corner points of the tetrahedral array.

Whether a person wore an Interchanger array mounted to a headband or sat in a room array, the effects were the same. Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring indicated suppression of brain activity in the left hemisphere. Test subjects reported cessation of internal dialog. They also experienced profound calmness along with heightened sensory perception and mental focus. Sensations of overpressure on the forearms and face were also commonly experienced.

No External Effect on the Brain

Each piezo oscillator, upon which an Interchanger was mounted, was driven by a tiny fraction of the current typically used to drive audio earbuds. The effects on each person’s state of consciousness were not due to external stimulation of their brain. Every Interchanger/oscillator assembly in a room-array Interchanger was four to six feet away from each test subject. At this distance, the tiny amount of electrical current could not possibly have any discernible effect on brain activity. If the suppression of left-hemisphere brain activity was not due to external stimuli, then what caused it? Left-hemisphere suppression occurred because of the nature of Interchangers, how they are initially energized, and the standing acoustic wave pattern that filled the entire area around each person.

Consciousness Alters Brain Functionality

paint splatters

In an earlier blog, “Consciousness, The New Frontier”, we stated that consciousness does not originate within the organic confines of the brain. The brain is a reflection of consciousness, not its source.

During the 1960s, split-brain surgeries were used as a treatment for epilepsy. This allowed scientists to study each half of the brain separately. They deduced that the left brain was better at analysis, speaking, and writing while the right brain was better at emotions, visualization, and intuition. This does not mean that each of the aforementioned functions is exclusive to their respective brain hemisphere. In other words, if someone is described as either a left-brain or right-brain person, there may be some truth to the description but only to the extent that those differences exist without sharply defined boundaries. Nevertheless, the concept has become an archetype within the collective consciousness of our current society.

To understand how Interchangers work, think of left-brain versus right-brain functionality as aspects of consciousness reflected through the brain, not the brain hemispheres causing changes in consciousness.

When a person interacts with an Interchanger array, the analytical left-hemisphere aspects of Mind investigate the four Interchangers within the array. They encounter the highly-intense electromagnetic flux flowing through each Interchanger at a constant rate with no variation, like the smooth surface of a placid lake. The left-hemisphere aspects of Mind reflect this encounter within its archetype, the brain. This constant fixation of the analytical left-hemisphere aspects of Mind on the placid flow of flux energy within the Interchangers reduces the influence of the left-hemisphere aspects of Mind, allowing the right-hemisphere aspects of Mind to become dominant by default.

Heightened Awareness and Sensory Perception

When the language-oriented, analytical, left-hemisphere aspects of Mind get out of the way, the intuitive and creative right-hemisphere aspects of Mind come to the forefront. Internal

touching the non physical

dialog stops and the person experiences the world without an analytical filter to block perception outside of space/time or to distract from the present. Calmness ensues and the ability to focus and direct the Mind is enhanced.

Recently, significant breakthroughs in Interchanger technology have been achieved beyond what has been described so far. Now that we are in the process of integrating Interchanger technology into our Mind-interface technologies, we have decided to begin the process of applying for a patent on the Interchanger technology. It will encompass the early developments, described above, and the latest developments that are far more advanced in magnitude and scope. Until the application is published, the newest information about Interchangers is proprietary but under certain circumstances, we will share it with people who enter into a business relationship with Interchange Laboratories.

We are excited to continually make progress with our Interchangers and consciousness. If you’re interested in learning more about our technology, please fill out our form to contact us today.

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