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Using Interchangers to Bend Reality

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

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Using Interchangers to Bend Reality

Interchangers are devices that were developed several decades ago, initially to enhance a person’s focus and sensory awareness by altering brain functionality. Interchangers are very safe to operate as they do not use outside stimuli to affect the brain, e.g., electromagnetic, or electrical fields. People who use these devices report a pleasant calming effect, cessation of internal dialog, and heightened sensory awareness. They can take a break from living in our modern society and experience the world as a place of magic and wonder, like a child, without judgment or analytical filters. As practical devices, they have a residual effect that can last hours or days during which a person’s creativity and abilities to gain insights are

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In a prior article, Interchange Experiments, we described some of the characteristics of the first Interchangers and their effects on people who engage them. We also mentioned a new class of Interchanger being developed. These new Interchangers are designed to bend event patterns that comprise our perceived reality. Event patterns are like sequential still images on a film strip. The Interchange process does not involve the alteration of existing event patterns. It does involve replacing them, in part or in full, with other existing event patterns.

The Interchange process is analogous to cutting out selected still images in a film strip and splicing in still images from other film strips. When a person views the modified film strip onscreen, the combination of the remaining original still images and the spliced-in still images display an altered reality to the person.

This is a basic analogy used to describe one top-level aspect of Interchanger technology. It is like looking at an old-fashioned water well’s bucket, winch, and surrounding stone wall. It goes much deeper than that which appears on the surface.

The New Flux-Shearing Interchangers

Magnetic flux, within specially designed Interchangers, is sheared apart during high-speed rotation. This flux-shearing effect results in a condition, within the Interchanger, wherein the balance of nature is disrupted.

Blue ball in space

It creates what some scientists believe to be impossible, a controlled and persistent tear in the fabric of space.

We do not consider the Interchange Experiments, using flux-shearing Interchangers, to be dangerous but this new class of Interchanger does provide us with a powerful tool, at the early stages of being explored and applied for practical use.

Operating by a Different Set of Rules

Flux-Shearing Interchangers operate by a set of rules that, to comprehend, require an alternate perspective on energy.

Let us start with what most everyone knows and expects from the scientific community. Laws of physics are developed through observations, interpretations of those observations, as well as forming and testing hypotheses and theories.

This is the foundation for good science. But here is a disturbing thought. What if our observations are accurate but our interpretations are flawed? Will scientists in the future find our current laws of physics to be as misguided and amusing as we find ancient beliefs that Earth is flat or that Earth is the center of the universe with everything else revolving

around it?

solar system

The flat Earth beliefs, within the ancient world, are understandable as the curvature of the planet’s horizon is not discernable unless you are at least 10,668 meters above its surface. Even the geocentric beliefs that put Earth at the center of everything were likely not the result of people making things up without a reference. They developed theories about what they observed that made sense to them and provided some sort of foundation upon which civilization could be built and maintained.

As human beings, we can filter out observations that make no sense to us and overlay our beliefs on observations that we do not filter out. In other words, we can filter and interpret our observations in ways that place everything into context according to our knowledge and beliefs about the world.

Our modern science is far more advanced than it was even a hundred years ago. Our scientific instruments for making accurate observations, storing, and sorting data, and making some sense of it all are unprecedented in all recorded human history.

We observe movements between objects, things giving off measurable heat, light, and sound, and we use a phenomenon we call “electricity” to drive our civilization. We have even managed to split atoms, creating more heat and light in various forms. We have mathematical equations and theories that make sense to us and allow us to make predictions when harnessing all these phenomena to create advanced technologies and massive industries that expand our influence on this planet and into space.

All these phenomena have one thing in common and that is something we call “energy”. Even matter is made of energy…right? Maybe. Maybe not. Is energy a real phenomenon or is it a human construct that we ascribe to observed physical phenomena?

This is not a trivial question. The answer may make the difference between science and technology hitting an impenetrable wall or managing to pass through it into a bright future.

Defining Our World through Interpretation

Modern science holds that matter is energy, which can be proved through empirical evidence and equations. However, empirical evidence is subject to interpretation and equations can be front-loaded with the very biases and assumptions they are designed to support. In the end, it is all theory and, in extreme cases, an interpretive doctrine that must not be challenged, even at the expense of scientific and technological advancements.

The most convenient way to dismiss a phenomenon that breaks the laws of physics is to label it “magic.” To this point, in Profiles of the Future, Arthur C. Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Harry Houdini jumping off a bridge in chains
Harry Houdini

Stage magicians, or illusionists, as some of them call themselves, understand the power that illusion has on forming our perceived reality. They are highly skilled at leveraging our beliefs in order to control how we interpret what we are observing. However, some of these people may be bending reality, essentially creating what we would interpret as real magic, and the stage magicians decide to call it an illusion for various reasons.

Removing Energy from the Equation

Might removing energy from engineering approaches lead to the development of an advanced technology that can bend reality like magic? Removing energy from the equation and focusing only on sequential, static, event patterns, eliminates movement through space and the time it takes to travel across space. This approach opens the door to the development of useful technologies, such as Interchangers, that can operate outside of time and be directed to bend event patterns non-locally.

Within the Interchange Experiments article, reference is made to energy within the Interchangers. This is done only for convenience in communicating certain concepts and should not be considered a contradiction to the engineering principles used to design, create, and operate Interchangers.

As a tool for gaining insights into the development and operation of advanced technologies, the concept of energy being an illusion is no more an indisputable law of physics than the collective belief within the mainstream scientific community that energy is a real phenomenon.

Both perspectives are useful tools to be applied where they are relevant. Each is merely a tool that should be used to establish some sense of order within this arbitrary universe and to accomplish meaningful things within it.

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