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Intention-Driven Full-Dive Gaming

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A New Class of Gamer

Imagine a Virtual Reality (VR) world where you can interact freely without the need for hand-held controllers or body trackers. Imagine experiencing this world with the advantage of heightened sensory perception that enables you to feel everything you see and hear without

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the need for sensory stimulation devices. In other words, you choose what you experience and how you experience it on a level that transcends your physical body. You are in complete control of your experiences.

Interchange Laboratories, Inc. (ILI) has developed advanced mind-interface technologies that hold the potential to bring Full-Dive VR from years in the future to the present time.

Full-Dive VR, as it is currently planned, will require sophisticated body trackers, sensors, and feedback devices. However, our mind-interface systems, although highly sophisticated, are simple to operate and do not require mechanistic tracking and control devices.

The Advantages of a Mind-Interface, No Brain Signals Used

Our mind-interface technologies do not involve the brain. No brain-signal-detection headsets are needed. Why? The phenomenon behind our technologies, human consciousness, operates outside of the brain, at the subatomic level. Why does human consciousness operate outside of the brain? The brain is not the source of consciousness. Rather, like everything else in this universe, the brain is merely a reflection of consciousness.

Some physicists have developed theories of consciousness to promote a better understanding of this concept:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

-Max Planck, A Nobel Prize-winning German physicist and the father of quantum theory.

“The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.”

Erwin Schrӧdinger, A Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist

A player’s mental intention toward the desired outcome is all that is needed to control a video game. Our technologies provide the means for mental control of electronic devices, at

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the subatomic level, outside of space and time. These advanced technologies constitute the nexus for the evolution of the ultimate game controllers for full-immersion experiences.

For more information about consciousness and our mind-interface technologies, see our blog, “Consciousness, The New Frontier”.

Changing the Game

ILI’s new mind-interface technologies will transform the gaming industry by taking VR to unprecedented levels of immersion through direct control of the VR environment by mental intention. Gamers’ heightened sensory perception, resulting from the engagement of their minds with the VR environments that they control, adds to the immersive experiences.

ILI found that when people interact, using mental intention, with one another, through mind-interface applications, they naturally develop abilities to sense the intentions of others. In the case of competitive games, a player can mentally counter another player’s intention toward an application. The degree to which a player can counter the mental intention of another player depends on the player’s mental-intention ability and experience. Much like Jedi Knights and the Sith battling it out by wielding The Force, VR players can engage one another in contests of mental intention skill.

If a player is too powerful for any single player to counter, multiple players can agree on a cohesive strategy and act in unison to counter the powerful player’s intention.

Rise of the Mind Players

We foresee the rise of a subculture of elite gamers who move beyond current control modalities and tap into the power of their minds. They essentially become superhuman in the world of mind-interface gaming.

Interchange Laboratories is developing a training protocol for the operation of mind-interface applications. If you’re interested in training with us, use our contact form and select Training to Operate MMIP Applications” The people we train are likely to lead the way in the mental control of applications. The formation of this subculture is just beginning.

The line between the mental control of video games and the mental control of the real world

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will begin to blur as heightened sensory perception and mental-control skills developed in a VR environment begin to carry over into controlling mind-interface systems in the real world, outside the VR environment. The question then becomes, “Which is the real world?”

Accelerating the Evolution of Human Mental Abilities

The merging of Virtual Reality and the advanced mind-interface technologies from Interchange Laboratories will transform human civilization by accelerating the evolution of human mental abilities.

ILI is moving toward integrating VR into its training protocol for controlling real-world applications. The nature of ILI’s mind-interface technologies provides the means for developing Full-Dive VR without body trackers and sensory stimulation devices. Therefore, early adopters within the gaming industry stand to benefit by being the first to market Full-Dive Mind-VR systems, games, and devices.

What are your thoughts on this advanced gaming topic? Please write your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you are part of any gaming community, video game developers, or companies, feel free to share this article with them and see what their thoughts are on the full-dive topic.

Interchange Laboratories Inc. is looking to partner with gaming companies as this technology continues to advance. If you’re interested in licensing opportunities to use this technology for video game development, contact us to discuss licensing options.

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